{ System Architect & Stack Developer }

With over 20 years experience in IT solutions development my primary goal has always been to alleviate the pressure of technology so that businesses and it's employees can focus on their goals. Developing any combination of on-premise or cloud-based solutions to help automate and increase the efficiency of business needs within every role taken.


Ability to adapt to any industry and its work flows to identify areas of improvements.


Creation of new solutions and backends that provide automation and high efficiency.


Ensure seamless software launches to remove any business downtime across functions.

{ About Me }

Originally from England, growing up in a small countryside town, and now a permanent resident of the United States. I have had the opportunity to travel the world and gain a wealth of knowledge and range of experiences.

However, no matter where home is my passion for self-improvement through fitness has always stayed with me and I look forward to the constant improvements it brings to both my body and mind.

"To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100%", Arnold Schwarzenegger